Fourth of July Buyer Guide

Get the Best Fireworks to Light Up the Night Sky

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2017 Fireworks Buying Guide

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Taking a trip to your local fireworks store can be an exciting, but overwhelming experience. Products with vibrant color and witty names surround you, but how do you know which will be a hit and which will be a dud?

You’re in luck, we have assembled the ultimate firework buyer guide to help you light up the night sky and make your 4th of July celebration a big hit.

Before we begin, there are four major firework categories: fountains, artillery shells, aerial repeaters and novelty items. Your firework preference will decide which product type you’ll enjoy most.


Fountains are immobile fireworks that display a variety of brilliant colors, loud crackles and stars. Fountains are great if you enjoy fireworks that last a long time— they can vary in length from 30 seconds to 3+ minutes.

Some of the great Fountains you’ll want to try this year, are Great Grizzly’s: Big Bertha 500 Gram Fountain, Eternity Fountain or our Moonshine Fountains.

Artillery Shells

Artillery shells are made up of a fine powder enclosed in a shell that are launched into the air. When launched, the shell explodes and displays bright colors and roaring booms. Artillery shells are perfect for you if you enjoy fireworks that will make you look high in the sky.

Artillery shells you will want to try this year, are Great Grizzly’s: Terminator Shells, Predator XL Shells and Gone Ballistic Shells.

Aerial Repeaters

These are not for the faint of heart. Aerial repeaters are the biggest consumer-grade fireworks you can purchase. Once lit, these fireworks release shot after shot, based on a pre-determined sequence. If you love a firework that really makes an impact, aerial repeaters are exactly what you need this Fourth of July.

Aerial Repeaters you need as your holiday show finale, are Great Grizzly’s: Beast Mode, GG-42 and Headhunter.

Novelty Items

A wide variety of fireworks fall under the novelty category. They are a big item in states that have strict firework laws.

Novelty items can be a great addition to your firework show if you have younger children around. Due to their nature, they produce a weaker sound and explosion, but often have a unique function or experience that make them memorable.

Novelty Items your 4th of July needs, are Great Grizzly’s: Neon Torch, Snarky Sharky, the Tank and of course Sparklers.

We all have our own favorite fireworks. Some enjoy sizzle and smoke, while others prefers crackles and boom. No matter your preference, fireworks are the best part of the 4th of July. This holiday season, it is important to stay safe. Always follow all firework packaging instructions and check out our safety page for further firework safety.

Great Grizzly Fireworks wishes you and your family a fun and safe 4th of July!