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Determining the Best Products for Your Child

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Determining the Best Products for Your Child

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All these years later, you still remember the fun 4th of July BBQ your parents hosted for your friends and family. Reminiscing over the brilliant artillery shells, fountains and all the sparklers lit for the holiday. Create the same lasting memories for your little ones this holiday season with Great Grizzly Fireworks.

While some of the larger and louder fireworks can be a little scary for kids, there are plenty of products that will captivate and shape memories. This holiday season, let Great Grizzly’s friendly staff show you some of the best products for younger children to light up their summer.

Pink Elephant Novelty Firework

This adorable novelty firework will draw the attention of all little ones at your holiday gathering. After lighting the fuse, the pink elephant comes to life and will leave a trail of bright sparks in its path.

Snarky Shark Firework

This shark firework is on the hunt for the best 4th of July holiday! Kids will be enthralled watching as it stalks and glides by them leaving a trail of golden sparks.

Rubber Ducky Firework

This classic children’s toy has taken on a new twist. Watch as your kids are dazzled this 4th of July by the Rubber Ducky novelty firework. Enjoy bright sparks of gold, green, red and silver shoot out the front and back of this novelty product.


Sparklers are a classic, favorite firework for children. Kids of all ages can enjoy the traditional gold wire, or try something new, such as the neon sparklers this holiday.


The brightly colored snakes will provide quite the surprise for your little one at the upcoming holiday BBQ. After throwing the pellet on the ground, kids will watch as a colorful snake coils out of its shell.



Whipper-Snappers are perfect for children of all ages. They can throw or drop them and experience the loud bang that is perfect outdoor summer fun.


Party Poppers

While party poppers are perfect year-round, they are great for the 4th of July. Kids only need to pull the string and enjoy as confetti and streamers fly out of the popper all around them.

If you want your firework show to have a lot of kid-friendly options, be sure to include all of the above listed items; and next time you’re at Great Grizzly fireworks store, be sure to ask a staff member which kid-friendly products they recommend. Our products will awe your little ones and keep them entertained throughout the evening.

Fireworks are the best part of the 4th of July season and are meant to be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. Great Grizzly always recommends that children be supervised by adults during firework displays and never handle fireworks alone. Light up your summer with Great Grizzly Fireworks and always put safety first.